Our Core Products


We pheno hunt thru all our strains and select only the best. This process of selection assures we top the market in quality but also assists us in offering a consistent, repeatable product from every production run.


Our flower-only cones are hand-packed in Zig-Zag cones. The taste and quality of our cones is consistent with the packaged flower we offer.

Live Rosin

We follow our sop’s precisely to make fresh frozen flower into our highly desired full spectrum LiveRosin. Our friends at Whistler Technologies and Sasquash Rosin Press supply us with the purpose built equipment needed to make our products.


Our state-of-the-art kitchen will provide a multitude of edible products made with THC from our solventless extraction. The single source in-house extraction process leads to the highest quality and most consistent edible products available.

Present strains


Sundae Driver x Biscotti Sundae

Mr Nasty

GMO x Grease Monkey


Death Star x Tangie


Banana OG x Papaya


Grape Gasoline x Grape Gasoline