NY Campus

Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing Facility Supplying Flower and Live Rosin to New York State

Location fun facts

90 min

from Manhattan


Below state average energy Cost


Aiming for no Carbon Emissions Output

$5.4 bn

Size of the New York Cannabis Market

Facility Information

Proven Innovative Cultivation in New Markets

Our New York campus will focus on research, development, and education. Our team here will consistently refine existing products, develop new products, and expand the limits of energy efficiency. Collaboration with post-graduate students from local academic institutions will give us the ability to perform and record research at a level unseen in the cannabis industry.

Next Generation Technology

- Liquid Cooled LEDs
- IoT Facility Control Platform
- TERP Reactor

Deep Dive Into Our TERP Reactor
SDC processes fresh bubble hash into edible oil using a TERP Reactor. This innovative Terpene EnRichment Process (TERP) infuses fresh bubble hash directly into an edible carrier, creating a terpene-rich decarboxylated edible oil without the need for drying. This process captures the terpenes which would have otherwise been lost in the conventional drying, extraction, and decarboxylation practices used today.

By using hash from fresh-frozen cannabis can create edible extracts with higher terpene contents than dried cannabis of the same strain. The entire process of turning biomass into an edible oil uses only water, ice, and the carrier oil of your choice. This makes the process sustainable, cost-effective, and organic while producing the best possible product.