We Are

Innovative Craft Cannabis Producer/Processor Offering the Highest Quality Products

Core Competencies

Cannabis Cultivation

Live Rosin Production

Facility Design & Construction

Fully Integrated Environment Controls

Data & Trend Monitoring

Our Services

Our Why
Our experience and passion for cultivating high-quality cannabis come from decades of growing at scale and our appreciation for the medicinal properties that the plant produces.

At SunnyDayzCannabis (SDC)we strive for excellence. The process begins with strain selection as we hunt through the best genetics available to find that outstanding pheno. After finding the one, we propagate, flower, harvest, and process to the best of our team's ability. The quality of our product speaks volumes.

How We Are Different
We've constructed a team of experts in agriculture management, commercial construction, computer science, analytics, and cannabis sales to collaborate and make the most optimal business decisions.

Our Proof
We successfully cultivated adult-use cannabis in Washington state as they were one of the early adopters to legalize recreational marijuana. Our techniques, technology, and execution were validated in this market as we produced some of the highest quality cannabis in the state.

Our Goals
As newer markets on the east coast emerged, we noticed the lack of quality that plagued these regions and wanted to bring high-quality craft cannabis to these areas. We are natives of Connecticut and wanted to grow the cannabis market correctly in this region. Our team is proud to be building cultivation and research facilities in New York and Massachusetts.

Thr Founder

Ken Bouquillon

Ken started in this industry over 3 decades ago with a love for cannabis and the passion to produce quality. As he pushed the industry forward, he's cultivated one of the best teams in the nation, equipped with the best resources to produce top-tier craft cannabis. The SDC team is skilled in agriculture management, commercial construction, computer science, and cannabis sales. Our ability to use industry experience in tandem with analyzing dynamic data points to make business decisions gives us a massive edge over other producers.