Deerfield MA

Cannabis Facility Advancing the Future of Research, Cultivation, and Retail

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Research areas of focus to Grow the industry


Aiming for no Carbon Emissions Output

$1.9 bn

Massachusetts Cannabis Market Size


On-site Dispensary

Facility Information

Research Driven

Our facility will be used by graduates of tier-one universities, such as the University of Connecticut, to study various aspects of cultivation and the innovative trends that marijuana can produce for various industries.

Research Areas of Focus
- Energy Efficiency
- Plant Biology
- Plant Medicine

Significant Results We Produce
- Limiting the risk of crop loss
- Increase in overall quality and product consistency
- Decrease in labor
- Reduction of overall operating cost
- Generation of critical environmental and light recipe data points
- Environmentally sustainable and energy efficient indoor cannabis cultivation system

On-Site Dispensary

Our dispensary will be located in South Deerfield across from 'The Tree House Brewery' and will offer a peaceful, safe environment for clients to shop and purchase a complete array of cannabis products.

The SunnyDayzCannabis Dispensary will be used to showcase our latest products and educate consumers on the different forms of consumable cannabis. Our goal is to equip our consumers with the necessary information so they can purchase the best type of cannabis for their desired use and outcome.